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Follow These Seven Valuable Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Rainbow Vacuum and Keep it Running at Peak Performance.

vacuum cleaner shop tipTips:
Okay, you spent upwards of $2300 or more on this investment, now what can you do to keep it working like new for the next 20 years or more? Following the seven areas of care below will keep your Rainbow vacuum in top shape and help you to avoid costly maintenance repair bills.

rainbow vacuum cleaner cord
An often overlooked but very important part of any appliance, especially your vacuum cleaner. Be sure not to yank the cord from the outlet from a distance. Always walk to the outlet and remove the cord from the wall by grasping the plug. Avoid stretching the cord to the limit when you vacuum. We've lost count of how many cords we've had to replace because of pets. Vacuum cords are any easy target for a puppy. Make sure Fido is in another room when you vacuum. Check the cord regularly for cuts and scrapes. Never use your Rainbow in wet areas. Clean the cord (unplugged) occasionally with a damp cloth and mild detergent. When storing it, wrap it around the cord wraps provided to avoid tangles and crimping.  Should the plug or prongs on your cord become damaged, we recommend replacing the entire cord rather than installing a new screw-on plug from the Hardware Store. These replacement plugs are fine for a lamp or toaster that never gets moved, but vacuum cleaner cords get tugged and stretched and there is the danger of the wires pulling loose. We have all Rainbow replacement cords available here.
rainbow vacuum cleaner hose
Your electric Rainbow hose carries electricity to your Power Nozzle. Be careful when dragging it around sharp corners. The interior of the hose is reinforced with stiff wire. Stepping on the hose or closing it in a door will cause the wire to collapse and you'll be left with a crimped hose which will clog very easily and could break the wires that carry power to your power nozzle. We recommend that you store your Rainbow hose on a smooth hose hanger like the one on this page to prevent kinking. The short pigtail cord at the end of the hose is not available separate so use care when unplugging it. Did you know that the little button lock at the end of your hose is replaceable? You can view it here (Key # 21).
Power Nozzle, Brushroll and Belts

rainbow power nozzlerainbow vacuum brushrollrainbow belts
Power nozzles have to work very hard at keeping your carpet clean. The nozzle itself usually only requires an occasional wipe down. You can also remove the bottom plate from time to time and clean the interior. The brushroll and belt on your power nozzle will require a little bit more frequent care. The job of the brushroll is to agitate or vibrate the surface of your carpeting so that it will loosen up the dirt for easier vacuuming. Worn out bristles, accumulated hair and string, and stretched belts will make your job harder and your power nozzle less effective. You can remove hair and string with a pair of scissors or a seam ripper. You can also pull the end caps off and clean the bearings. We have found that belts are  one of the most neglected areas of vacuum cleaner maintenance. Belts stretch over time which allows them to slip so your brushroll does not turn as fast as it once did. We recommend you replace your Rainbow belt every 8 to 10 months. Brushrolls usually last for several years, but you should check to make sure the bristles are long enough and stiff enough. Belts are available here. Brushrolls are available here. And last a word about Berber Carpet.  Several manufacturers recommend against using a motorized power nozzle on Berber carpet, especially near the seams. It is possible that a stray strand could work loose. If this strand gets caught in your brush roll you could easily vacuum up several yards of berber before you get your vacuum shut off.

rainbow separator
The separator on your Rainbow vacuum keeps the water in your water pan out of the motor. If it gets dented, or broken you should replace it before using your vacuum again. Replacement separators are available here. Using a stiff bristle brush, clean the separator after each use. Retighten the nut securely but do not overtighten it. We recommend that you occasionally clean the threads on the motor shaft that the separator nut screws to. Just brush them clean with the separator brush and apply a thin coating of petroleum jelly.
rainbow vacuum hepa filter
This is another area that sometimes gets forgotten. The HEPA filter on your E series Rainbow vacuum captures fine particles to keep them out of your air. Ideally, you should replace the non-washable filter every year. You can let it go longer if you want but the more clogged they get, the harder your motor has to work. We've seen HEPA filters that had'nt been replaced in 8 or more years and it wasn't a pretty sight. You can purchase replacement Rainbow HEPA filters here.  In our opinion, rinsing the washable HEPA filter or HEPA neutralizer is less than 100% effective. The washable HEPA filter is supposed to be rinsed under running water which should flush out all the accumulated dirt. We've rinsed many of these HEPA filers over the years and I'm just not convinced that it's completely clean. I just don't see how low pressure tap water can clean a high density filter. It also takes a very long time to get them dry. You can reinstall a damp filter and run your Rainbow to get the remaining water out, but it takes a long time to get it completely dry. Maybe we're missing somethng here. We invite your comments or recommendations on this matter. Send us an email at the Contact US link and let us know your experience with Rainbow washable filters.
Water Pan
rainbow water pan
Pretty basic maintenance tips for the Rainbow water pan. Don't fill it with water past the level indicated, replace the water pan if it leaks, don't vacuum if it's empty or the water gets extremely dirty, don't use anything in the water that could damage the plastic and make sure to rinse and dry it completely after each use. Replacement water pans are available here.

We highly suggest that you store your Rainbow vacuum cleaner separate from the water pan. Moisture has a damaging effect on bearings and electrical parts. Even if you thoroughly clean and dry the water pan after every use, there is still residual moisture left. Over a long period of time, this moisture will corrode metal and damage bearings.

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