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Rainbow> Rainbow E Series Parts> Rainbow E2, 2 Speed Body Parts

Order all parts available for the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner body for E2, 2 Speed Models

2 Speed E2 Models have a 3 Postion switch - OFF, ON Slow for Room Deodorizing and ON Full speed for regular Vacuum Cleaning.

USE CAUTION WHEN PERFORMING ANY WORK ON THE 2 SPEED MODELS. These models have a large controller circuit board encased in plastic (Key # 29 below). These controller boards are susceptible to damage from static electricity discharge. The static electricity you generate by walking across a carpet could destroy these boards and they are very expensive to replace. Rainbow will very likely void your warranty if there is evidence that a non-authorized Rainbow technician has worked on your machine.
rainbow vacuum cleaner E2 2 speed body parts

Key Number (refer to drawing above)



1 Cap & Cover Assembly (Serial Number 1000000-1500000) R12345 $83.69

1 Cap & Cover Assembly (After Serial Number 1500000) R13083 $93.79

2 Top Handle Applique R12064 Call
3 Rain Drop Applique R12065 Call  
4 Front Cap Applique R12066 Call  
5 Side Applique R11953 Call  
6 2 Speed Switch R11955 $6.79

7 Switch Button R11964 $4.69

8 Lens R11954 $10.69

9 Main Housing Not Available  
10 Left Applique R7879 Call  
11 Right Applique R7880 Call  
Key Number (refer to drawing above)



12 Right Hand Baffle Assembly R8062 $35.19

13 Right Baffle Plate R12102 $12.19

14 Latch Sub Assembly R8063 $7.29

15 Latch Pin R7139 $.69

16 Latch Spring R7141 $1.59

17 Left Hand Baffle Assembly R8064 $25.19

18 Left Baffle Plate R7280 $9.69

19 Interlock Plunger R7208 $1.19

20 Interlock Switch R7370 $6.59

Key Number (refer to drawing above)



21 Water Pan Neck Gasket R10534 $10.29

22 Screw RH580 $.49

23 Face Plate Assembly R9713 $36.39

24 Water Shroud Door R7296 Call  
25 Extension Spring R7353 Call  
26 Receptacle (Serial Number 1000000 - 1500000) R7193 $9.99

26 Receptacle (Serial Number 1500000 and later) R12834 Call  
27 Water Pan Neck R9709 Call
28 Face Plate R7282 $4.99

29 Screw RH571 Call


Key Number (refer to drawing above)



30 Rear Cover Assembly R10597 $25.79

31 Rear Cover Only R10594 Not Available

Order Key # 30 Rear Cover Assembly

32 Cord Caddy Ear, Left R10523 $3.99

33 Cord Caddy Ear, Right R10522 $3.99

34 Cord Caddy Retainer R10535 $3.99

35 Exhaust Vent Plate R7285 $7.09

36 HEPA Neutralizer Filter R12179 $57.19

37 Water Pan, 2 qt R7876 $56.49

38 Airflow Adaptor R8516 $15.49

39 Controller Not Available  
40 Switch Wiring Harness R12145 $5.29

41 Power Cord R11949 $58.09

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